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6 Genius Small Space & Dorm Storage Ideas

A chair and ladder at a loft desk, one of the best space-saving dorm storage ideas

It’s extremely easy for a small living space such as a dorm room or student apartment to quickly become overwhelmed by clutter — even if you don’t actually have that much stuff. Between the small square footage, lack of functional storage areas, and a busy daily schedule, unsightly messes seem to pile up almost out of nowhere. This is problematic for a number of reasons, but particularly if you have one or more roommates. 

Fortunately, a few simple dorm storage ideas can go a long way in making (and keeping!) your living space neat and tidy. 

Clever dorm storage ideas

From inexpensive bins and seasonal storage to learning how to physically pack your items to maximize space, these dorm storage ideas are total game-changers. 

Use storage cubes for small items

Simple, inexpensive storage cubes are ideal for storing all that small stuff that quickly turns into clutter. Think fashion accessories such as belts, purses, scarves, and swimsuits, as well as toiletries. Storage cubes also work well for shoes and all those things you don’t know what else to do with, almost like a fancy junk drawer. To maximize this dorm storage idea even further, get hanging storage cubes and hang them from a closet rod or invest in furniture with built-in cubbies to hold the cubes. 

Make use of unused space

No matter how tiny your apartment or dorm may be, one thing is certain: it has walls and a ceiling. And those walls and ceiling provide valuable real estate that’s typically underused. One of the most clever dorm storage ideas is actually incredibly simple: make use of that space. Install wall shelves and ceiling hooks to organize everything from books and jewelry to decorative items and clothing. Bonus: the added visual interest doubles as home decor!

Invest in underbed storage solutions

Speaking of unused storage space, there’s very likely a sizable area under your bed. Regardless of exactly how much space, there are a number of underbed storage solutions to help you get organized. Zippered, handled storage bags are perfect when available space is at a true premium, and rolling underbed carts are incredibly convenient. These dorm storage ideas are especially well-suited to out-of-season clothing and bulky items like extra bedding. 

Maximize space with over-the-door organizers

Over-the-door organizers, commonly referred to as shoe organizers, are perfect for storing small items. Their dozens of pockets are just the right size for everything from sunglasses and gloves to snack items and seasonings. Hang the organizer over a bedroom or closet door or even on the inside of a cabinet. In the bathroom, this dorm storage idea works beautifully for toiletries or makeup. Pro tip: get a clear version so you can easily see the contents in each pocket!

Learn the art of the ranger roll

Ranger rolling, a military packing technique, allows you to fit substantially more clothing into the same small space. The technique, which is explained in detail in this YouTube video, essentially compresses the clothing down into the smallest possible form. While it’s technically meant for packing, it also works perfectly as a dorm storage idea. Ranger roll your clothing before putting it into drawers or storage bins, and prepare to be amazed by how much better it all fits. 

Let AtticSpace help with the clutter

One of the very best dorm storage ideas is to simply eliminate some of the clutter — temporarily, anyway. Don’t worry, it’s easier than it sounds: pack up little-used items, such as seasonal clothing or camping equipment, and put them in storage until you need them. 

With AtticSpace, this process is practically effortless. We drop off empty bins and you pack them at your convenience. Then, you let us know the boxes are ready with the click of a button and we’ll come pick them up. We secure the boxes at pickup, then store them in our secure, climate-controlled facility until you’re ready to have them back. If you want to swap out what’s in storage or you want to add any items, it’s as easy as calling us and asking for more bins!

Our simple, affordable on-demand dorm storage ideas keep your belongings safe and sound for as long as you need! To learn more or get started today, call us at (504) 384-2457.